Basic Foal Training

16 Ocak 2017 - Pazartesi


 Breeding a foal comes with huge responsibilities including how the foal will be handled, educated and weaned. These events will effect the young horse's life and often play an important role in its life.

 We can paint a pretty picture with a friendly well educated foals as the result. Foal training is such an important begining to your foal's future and good training will establish a relationship.

 We try to introduce the body language of the horses, which humans can use to communicate effectively.We train your horses starting from birth,including foal imprinting,building trust,advance and retreat, forming partnerships and later basic skills such as stopping,turning,backing and changing leads with a rider.

 We try to solve the problems like the horse that bucks when saddled,pulls back when tied and how to school the reluctant horse that shies at trailers,starting gaits or will not go throug water ..etc

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